Non Fungible Chronicle, an NFT and Metaverse art event to be held in August 2022 hosted by MediaDAO, will sell the NFT "MediaDAO Friends Nagoya (#MDFN )" to raise support for the event's operating fund.
The NFT will be sold in the form of a medal design, which will be transformed into a profile picture (PFP) in collaboration with 11 of Japan's leading NFT collections.
In addition, we will airdrop NFT tickets(polygon) to the real venue of the event to the purchasers.

The design at the time of purchase is a memorial medal

The NFT at the time of purchase is designed to resemble a medal.
The medal design was created by DAICHI YASUNAGA, NFT artist and 3DCG creator.
The medal design depicts a magnificent image of a new universe.


Appearing after reveal are PFP characters wearing Nagoya motifs exclusive to this year's event and collaboration with the 11 Collection.

The base character of PFP after the reveal was created by Marumiya & Komesuke, two people who are well-known to NFT lovers.
The very cute illustrations stimulate the desire to collect.
Parts based on the concept of "Nagoya," the site of the real event, are also available, and NFTs that include special Nagoya motifs only for this event will be able to contain special memories.

・Marumiya Twitter
・Komesuke Twitter

The base design is still a secret.
Stay tuned for the reveal!

PFP's collaborators are 11 famous Japanese NFT collections!

After the reveal, the base character created in MediaDAO will be transformed into a PFP (Profile Picture), which is a cross between the 11 collaborative NFT elements.
Which collection elements will appear is one of the most exciting aspects.

The names of the collaborators are all from famous NFT collections in Japan, making this collection a collector's dream! It has become a dream collection.

List of Collaboration Collections (in no particular order)

・NFT Marketing Orchestra
・Love Addicted Girls
・Rampage Horses Club

Additional Benefits

In addition, the granting of "Roles in the MediaDAO Discord" will provide benefits such as the right to view channels related to the management of this event from the end of the event onward.

Purpose of selling "MediaDAO Friends Nagoya".

The purpose of the "MediaDAO Friends Nagoya" launch is to raise funds to sponsor the "Non Fungible Chronicle" event to be held in August by MediaDAO.
The "Bronze" plan is one of several plans available to individuals to solicit sponsorship from companies and organizations.

Proceeds from the NFT will be used to fund the operation of the event to ensure the safety and enjoyment of the many people who attend and participate in the event, as well as the artists who exhibit their NFT works.

Our mission for this event is to "move the needle of the times forward" by sharing the fun and possibilities of NFT and Metaverse with those who have never been exposed to NFT and Metaverse and those who are ready to take up the challenge.
We are holding this event with the support of everyone who shares this mission.

Sales Schedule for "MediaDAO Friends Nagoya"

●Pre-Sale (for WL owners)
Date: Thursday, July 28, 10:00 - Friday, July 29, 9:00
Price: 0.03 ETH
Maximum number of mints: 2

●General sales (for wait list holders)
Date: Friday, July 29, 10:00 - 21:00
Price: 0.04 ETH
Maximum number of mints: 2

●General sales
Date and time: July 29 (Fri.) 22:00 - until sold out
Price: 0.04ETH
Maximum number of mints: 10

Number of pieces: 1,111

*The URL of the mint site will be announced in the MediaDAO Dscord on the day of the event.
・MediaDAO Discord URL:

[Schedule after the sale]
Reveal: Monday, August 1, around noon
Airdrop of admission NFT ticket: August 1 (Mon.) - 3 (Wed.)
*This will be determined by the snapshot as of 23:59 on July 31 (Sun.)

Roles granted in the MediaDAO Discord and the release date of the event channel in the MediaDAO Discord will be announced on the official MediaDAO Event Twitter account.

★For the latest information, please visit the MediaDAO Event Twitter account.

Tickets to the real venue are also available on peatix.
*Please note that the tickets sold on peatix are for admission only, not for NFT.
★peatix ticket sales page

Please also read MediaDAO Founder Kanerin's tweet about "MediaDAO Friends Nagoya".

About "Non Fungible Chronicle"

・Real venue: Grande Souche Kamiyashiro, a music apartment building in Kamiyashiro, Nagoya
・Metaverse venue: Nagoya Castle built in Decentraland
Two venues are available, each designed to provide the pleasure of touring.

For details of the event, please visit the special event website.

Team Composition

The following team will make up the event.
The organizer "MediaDAO", co-sponsors "AsiaVerse" and "NFT Naruto Art Museum", operation/management "Music Office Nobuchi", and operation/venue design "SENSUOUS Co.Ltd. will co-create the event by complementing each other's strengths, resonating with the mission of "moving the needle ahead of the times".

・Organized by MediaDAO
・Co-organized by AsiaVerse
・Co-organized by NFT Naruto Art Museum
・Operation/Management: Music Office Nobuchi
・Operation/Venue Design: SENSUOUS Inc.
・Supported by: Nagoya University of Arts / Nagoya City Cultural Promotion Foundation / Meito Ward Cultural Association

What is "MediaDAO"?
A community that operates with the mission of "moving the needle of the times forward quickly.
Operates Web3 media "NFT NEWS Japan." and plans and manages various events and NFT projects.
In addition, in cooperation with AsiaVerse, one of Asia's largest Web3 communities, the NFT Hall was constructed in the Metaverse.
Events will be held to introduce a wide range of NFT works from Asian countries.

kanerin management
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