1. "Move the era forward"(Aim to popularize Crypto and move into the Web3 era)

2. "We will continue to plan projects on a global scale and become a hub between Japan and the rest of the world."

3. "Create the world's top crypto media by DAO"

MediaDAO is a community running with Kanerin and people sharing the interest with the mission shown above.

We operate and execute various events and NFT projects (in progress) with the main contents of the web3media "NFT NEWS Japan.

In cooperation with " AsiaVerse", a Web3 ecosystem connecting Asian countries, the NFT International Exhibition Hall will be constructed in the metaverse space, such as Decentraland and Cryptovoxels.
We hold events such as " Asia Sings With Ukraine," a charity music festival for humanitarian aid in Ukraine, and other events to introduce NFT works from Asian countries.


Non Fungible Chronicle

NFT & Metaverse Art Festival Connecting Real and Virtual

2022.8.1 Mon. 〜 8.31 Wed.

Our goal is a place where you can easily enjoy NFT art and Metaverse

In the summer of 2022, MediaDAO held an event to experience the NFT and Metaverse
simultaneously in real and metaverse in order to move the needle of the times forward.

In addition to exhibiting NFT art, the real venue will feature a variety of events, including mosaic art and talk sessions in which everyone can create their own NFT. A place where people can enjoy Web3/NFT in a natural way while maintaining a physical connection.

The event was supported by a number of artists and cultural figures active in Japan and abroad, including Sekiguchi Mandy, illustrator and author 326 (Mitsuru Nakamura), and Kubota, whose AI artwork has moved many people, who exhibited their works and spoke at the event.

The Metaverse venue was constructed in the motif of Nagoya Castle, in reference to Nagoya, where the real venue is located. Each floor of the five-story castle had a different interior concept, and NFT artworks were displayed to suit each floor.

The exhibition is well worth seeing, with a total of 160 artist groups and more than 200 pieces of artwork.

The venue for the real event will be "Grande Souche Kamiyashiro," a music condominium in Kamiyashiro, Nagoya City. A total of approximately 1,000 people visited the event over the course of 13 days in one month.

Metaverse venue "Decentraland".

You can view the inside of the castle on the MediaDAO YouTube channel.

NFT Collection

In conjunction with the Non Fungible Chronicle, the NFT collection "MediaDAO Friends Nagoya #MDFN" was published for the purpose of funding the event's operating expenses. The sales method, collaborating with 11 of Japan's leading NFT collections, being generative both before and after the reveall, and the airdrop of tickets were also topics of discussion.

Details are available here.

Generative Art NFT with a different pattern for each one, both before and after the reveal.

Airdropped tickets for holders to reserve admission to the real venue.

AsiaVerse NFT Hall Rental

The AsiaVerse NFT Hall, an NFT international exhibition hall built on the Voxels metaverse platform, is also available for venue rental.

Please contact us from "CONTACT US" at the bottom of this page.

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Management Members

MediaDAO Founder

Japanese entrepreneur with many international Web3 related projects.

Founder of the paid Web3 community "Kanerin Lab", Founder of the Web3 community "MediaDAO", Co-Founder of the largest Web3 community in Asia "AsiaVerse", leading a cumulative community of over 10,000 people.

He is well known for his information dissemination through SNS, Voicy, blogs, and email newsletters.

In addition to planning and managing numerous Web3-related projects, he also serves as an advisor to both individuals and corporate organizations regarding Web3 and blockchain utilization, and is involved in a wide variety of other activities.

If you have any questions or concerns about MediaDAO or Kanerin
Please feel free to contact us at the following e-mail address.

kanerin.manage at gmail.com

*Please change "at" to "@" and send.