The NFT Naruto Art Museum has been selected as a co-sponsor of the NFT Art & Metaverse festival "Non Fungible Chronicle," which will be held in August 2022, organized by MediaDAO to connect the real and virtual.

This co-sponsorship is the result of the resonance between NFT Naruto Museum of Art, which aims to promote and develop NFT of art and artworks in Japan, and MediaDAO, whose mission is to move the era forward by popularizing NFT and Metaverse.

On the evening of Tuesday, May 10, a talk will be held in the Twitter space (from 9:00 p.m.) by Oolong Mask, who runs the NFT Naruto Art Museum, and MediaDAO Founder Kanerin.

The URL for the space will be announced separately via MediaDAO's official Twitter and NFT Naruto Art Museum's official Twitter.

■NFT Naruto Art Museum

In August 2021, 20 years after its opening, the museum changed its name from "Naruto Galle Forest Museum" to "NFT Naruto Museum of Art". The museum aims to promote and develop NFT of art works and artworks in Japan. It is the first and only museum in Japan that not only exhibits art works and art objects, but also issues, examines, sells, and distributes NFTs related to art works. Leading the era in the world of modern art led by the NFT.
The museum is now attracting even more attention, with the museum pass NFT sales scheduled to begin in mid-May.

NFT Naruto Art Museum
149 Kitadono, Hayashizaki, Nuyo-cho, Naruto City, Tokushima Prefecture

■「Non Fungible Chronicle」

An event to promote NFT and Metaverse, which are discussed in the context of Web3, as something familiar to many. Real and virtual, art and crypto, Japan and the international community… We aim to make this event a first step to smooth the gap and move the era forward.

Grande Souche Kamiyashiro, Nagoya's first music apartment building completed in Kamiyashiro, Nagoya, will be the real venue, while cluster and Decentraland will be the metaverse venues.The three venues will be held at the same time.

・Team composition (as of May 8)
Organized by MediaDAO, co-organized by AsiaVerse and NFT Naruto Art Museum, operated and managed by Music Office Nobuchi, and operated and designed by SENSUOUS Inc.

・Duration: August 1-31, 2022 (tentative)
Details will be updated on the following website as needed.

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